2014 Upcoming Calendar of Events

Please note, dates and times are subject to change.
Please check your current newsletter or contact Reagan Bitler  godahavom_gourds@yahoo.com  to confirm.
You may download a complete list of all PAGS related dates here (these are subject to change, please check website for updates)

Upcoming Events
Gourd meetings and workshops begin at 10:00 am, unless otherwise noted.

Nov 15 9:15 am come early to the Holiday Banquet for a 2015 PA Gourd Fest committee meeting, also held at St. Paul's (see below)
Nov 15-
PAGS Annual Holiday Banquet and Gift Exchange: 11 a.m at St. Paul's United Church of Christ, 300 West First St., Birdsboro, PA 19508  Visit Holiday Banquet page for details and more information!  Sylvia will take reservation numbers and the food list. Sylvia can be reached at sbisker@aol.com

June 18, 19, 20- PA Gourd Fest 2015, Lebanon Valley Expo Center

What to bring to a gourd meeting (all is optional):

  1.  Please bring a dish to share if you plan on staying for lunch. 
  2. A finished gourd craft for Show and Tell
  3. Workshop tools and supplies (if needed)- remember to register for the workshop!
  4. A name tag- or you shall have to pay quarter to the collection piggy! (newbies exempted)
  5. A dollar or 2 - if you'd like to participate in the gourd raffle or purchase raw gourds or supplies.