2014 Upcoming Calendar of Events

Gourd meetings and workshops begin at 10:00 am, unless otherwise noted.

What to bring to a gourd meeting (all is optional):

  1.  Please bring a dish to share if you plan on staying for lunch. 
  2. A finished gourd craft for Show and Tell
  3. Workshop tools and supplies (if needed)- remember to register for the workshop!
  4. A name tag- or you shall have to pay quarter to the collection piggy! (newbies exempted)
  5. A dollar or 2 - if you'd like to participate in the gourd raffle or purchase raw gourds or supplies.

Please note, some of these items are tentative.  Please check your current newsletter or contact holena@verizon.net to confirm.
This is a list of major PAGS events, you may download a complete list of all PAGS related dates here.

March 29- Harvest Smucker's Gourd Farm 9:00AM
Canceled due to weather conditions. If you would like to be contacted for a possible reschedule date, send your phone # to holena@verizon.net

April 19- Business meeting /demo by Kathy Gordon on making metal embellishments.

May 17- Workshop at  Pru's with Lorraine presenting Faux Batik on gourds details here

May 31- Gourd Society membership dues due

June 7- Fest Workday @ Smucker's Farm this event has been canceled.

June 18- Fest set up day @ Lebanon Expo and fair Center

June 19-21 PA GOURD FEST

June 27- Newsletter submission deadline

July 19- Workshop at Brenda's with Beth presenting Peacock Feather ornament, details here

Aug 16- Business meeting/demo (need site and volunteer contact Helen if interested)

Sept 20- Workshop @ Claudia's presenting drum gourd by Mariellen

Oct 18- Business meeting/ Election @ Smucker's

Nov 15- Holiday Dinner Ornament /Gift exchange