PA Gourd Society
2015 Calendar of Events


2015 Calendar is still being compiled.  Please check back soon for an updated list.

Please check your current newsletter or contact Reagan Bitler  to confirm.
Gourd meetings and workshops begin at 10:00 am, unless otherwise noted.

November 21- Annual PAGS Holiday Luncheon (for members and their families)
Attendees please bring a covered dish- contact to sign up

Optional (but so much fun!) 2 gift exchanges! 
1. Bring a gourd related gift for the exchange (wrapped)
2. Gourd ornament (do not wrap- but bring in a brown paper lunch bag)

2016 PA Farm Show- January 9-16 Once again, PAGS will have a booth!  Come see us!

What to bring to a gourd meeting (all is optional):

  1.  Please bring a dish to share if you plan on staying for lunch. 
  2. A finished gourd craft for Show and Tell
  3. Workshop tools and supplies (if needed)- remember to register for the workshop!
  4. A name tag- or you shall have to pay quarter to the collection piggy! (newbies exempted)
  5. A dollar or 2 - if you'd like to participate in the gourd raffle or purchase raw gourds or supplies.